Local squire knighted at Casterly Rock
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Local squire knighted at Casterly Rock
After serving Ser Taeylen Bree for seven tourneys, squire Ralin Karst was finally knighted by Lancel Lannister. Ralin was a famed squire that helped Bree win 6 of his 7 tourneys. At Lannisport, he served as a ward under Tywin Lannister for 2 years before squiring for Taelyn Bree, who came from an unknown House from the South. Bree became a champion on several occasions, and Ralin Karst was there for each time he won.
"He's going to make a fine knight," said Bree. "I hope to face him at a tourney some day."
Ralin Karst declined to comment, but his press agent said, "Obviously, Ser Karst is delighted. He may serve in the Kingsguard some day. But for now, he is going home to his wife and family and spread the good news. Perhaps take a small holiday at Highgarden. But then it's all business."
Lannisport celebrated Ralin Karst Day in support of the knighting by lighting torches outside their houses and raising glasses in a toast at the same time at the Brave Companions Lounge at downtown Lannisport.
* Location: Casterly Rock
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