Peach imports sliding in Storm's End (Red Fork Times)

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Peach imports sliding in Storm's End (Red Fork Times)
After an initial spike of peach imports prior to the Battle of the Blackwater, presumably in memoriam of slain Renly Baratheon, the import business for peaches has dwindled lately.
"Too many bad memories," says peach dealer Kyle Turserthon. "We were getting them by the basket load before but now there's not much demand for them. The shame is that they are delicious and they're in season. We've tried growing them around here but the soil's not very good here and peach trees just don't grow that well."
Prices have been lowered and taxation has been relieved to try and grow the economy but with King's Landing in an economic crisis, Storm's End cannot afford to export any peaches they do get because of the cost. "We tried to export them once we got them here but shipping costs and just general malaise toward the Lannisters and King's Landing's made it tough. We need to get back to where we were," says Turserthon.
And when can Storm's End begin to see those juicy peaches again? "The war's over, and there's an economic plan going forth...we're all for helping out. But we want our peaches to mean something again," said the peach dealer.
Until then, peaches are still in abundance in places like Casterly Rock and even the Twins.
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