House Baratheon at war not good for Westeros stock exchange (WSE) - Sell!!
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House Baratheon at war not good for Westeros stock exchange (WSE) - Sell!!
The tumultuous "War of the Five Kings" has caused a downward spiral effect throughout Westeros and the WSE has fallen greatly, near collapse. King's Landing's Master of Coin, or Lord Treasurer, Harys Swyft, has reached out to Myr and Pentos for aid; but the damage has been done and King's Landing having to take out another loan also hurts the market.
As the Starks would say, "Winter is Coming". But if this is fall, then winter will be utter devastation. There are already multiple reports of starvation and overpopulation problems, as well as a growing number of homeless that are bringing down property values throughout the kingdom. 
Reports say that as long as House Baratheon is at war, the stock market is going to continue to dwindle. With recent reports of Stannis Baratheon being dead may bring a turnaround; but as long as his armies ready for battle, the Iron Throne will always be in peril. And that will cause unrest in the WSE.
The general consensus is: if you have Westerosi stock, now is the time to sell to get any kind of payback for it. Otherwise, you will most likely be consumed by the massive economic crisis reaching historic levels of catastrophe.
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