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This week's words come from Toledo after the Black Out of 2003.

Animated Backhoe


As I was wandering the streets, the city dark, I wondered what would be a better way to describe the Black Out 2003. Black Out 2003 was not very interesting. Everyone acted so incredibly patient, well-behaved, that I don't think they were being honest.
That is why I am developing the Black Out video game series for <CENSORED> Entertainment. I think they will appreciate my idea. You see, in Black Out 2k3, you can choose from an assortment of characters to be. You can be a homeless bum, a derelict of the city, a prostitute working the streets, a law enforcer, a fireman, or other emergency unit employees, a child, a business associate, and many other characters as well. You can choose your path of how you want to deal with the situation. You can loot, kill, set fire to things, or you can take the less honest, nicer approach by helping people, handing out money, or posing as a crossing guard to help traffic in busy intersections. But you see, you control what happens to YOUR character--but who's to say what happens to others?
In New York, you can loot the Empire State Building or the NBC building!
In Detroit, storm all of the great historic sites of Motor City!
In whatever you wish that is most evil!
And you can even take out the Canadian cities affected. It is up to YOU.
The next time someone says that there's a black out, you'll think of Black Out 2k3. And coming soon, I think I will develop Black Out 2k4, which will allow a more in-depth look at looting and rampaging--and you could even own the town yourself!
So get ready, video game stores! It will be the ride of your life!

-Name withheld