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A Special Announcement

We here at were excited to be invited to KROO's Summa Blast 2003 Record Release Party for their upcoming album "A Cappellalypse Now", arriving in music stores and various illegal web download rings across the world. Since KROO's inception at the headquarters of With It Music in Anaheim, California, they've been the talk of the suburbs and inner cities all across America.

They were brought together and conceived inside the corporate headquarters, and these once suburbanites were on their way to becoming superstars.

Four men toasting at party

They celebrated the night away, according to their press agent. And the next morning, Daniel, Steven, Wayne, and Tyler became Cree'O, MacDawgnawlds, Grappa D, and T-Q. They became a huge success, and when preteen rappers became the new fad, a baby was given to them to "raise" in the realm of their ghetto style. Although T-Q never gave in to speaking street, the other members picked up on it quickly, and named MacDawgnawlds their spokesafricanamericanperson.
If you'd like to see more of KROO, just click on their page.