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KROO is a hip-hop group that is looking out for YOO.

KROO's latest announcement was broadcast from our partner radio station, 1880 WMDS radio, "AM with a Kick!"
Hello everyone I'm Dean Keans, welcoming you again. I have with me the popular hip-hop group KROO that are preparing to release their 2003 album, "A cappellalypse Now", a follow up to their multi-platinum smash hit "Troo". Good morning, guys.
(Cree'O) Yo wassup. We chillin'.
Would you like to introduce your group? Your name is Cree'O?
(Cree'O) Das right, and dese mah boys. Now dis here is MacDawgnawlds. He from da East Side.
(MD) True side.
(Cree'O) And dis here is GrappaD. He from da Souf side.
(Grappa D) Home side.
(Cree'O) And dis here is mah man T-Q. He from the West side.
(T-Q) Yes, my side.
(Cree'O) And mah little bruva down here is Lil' Pistol. He from da North side.
(Lil' Pistol) ...
(Cree'O) Yeah, uh, Lil' Pistol cain' talk yet. He only a few months old. But he goan to be solid when he get older. We raisin' him right. He a ghetto star, but we ain' raisin him to shoot nobody. Ya'll be tryin' to portray us like dat. Shit ain't right.
All right. Well, try to keep the vulgarities to a minimum here, since this is public radio.
(Cree'O) I speak from mah heart. If it say fuck, I say fuck. Aight?
Okay. Fair enough. Now, Cree'O, what side do you hail from?
(Cree'O) Well is like I'm sayin, I don't take no sides. I am free, yo.
(KROO) True, true.
So tell us a little about your new album.
(T-Q) I can field this one, Cree.
(Cree'O) Go'ead.
(T-Q) Well, it is the embodiment of our soul. We had taken a few years off from "Troo" because we had, well, we had been burnt out.
(KROO) True, true. Dayum.
(MD) Yeuh, we wus so tired, like...we din move fo owas at a tahm, mah bruva.
So, MacDawgnawlds, since you're the spokesperson, was it hard putting together this new album?
(MD) Why you gotsta change da play? Mah man T-Q say he goan ta ansa dat shit. Ah cain answer dat question, yo.
(Cree'O) Yeah, man, is like, MacDawgnawld's is our main spokespersizon. Yahmean? But like, you was aksin T-Q, he can answer dat shit.
Yes, but I'm really interested in what MacDawgnawld's has to say.
(T-Q) It's all right, everyone. I'm used to this.
(Cree'O) Ain' right, yo. Mah man T-Q is jes bein' true, and you tryin' ta put mah man on da spot. Mah man M D cain' field all the questiozisions.
I understand. And I will get to everyone eventually. But right now, I'd like to hear from MacDawgnawld's.
(T-Q) I think the man just wants MacDawgnawld's fair and honest opinion, guys.
I have nothing against T-Q, I think he is a fine asset to the group. But I believe MacDawgnawld's has the "skills", as you put it, to answer honestly and from the heart. You know what I mean? So? MacDawgnawld's?
(MD) Yo ahm hungry as a mufuh.
(KROO) Yeah.
(Cree'O) Yo man, is like, look. Dis interview is ovuh. We try to give you everything we can. And you is like pressuriziziniz...izin us to do somethin we don't want ta do. Iz dis shit bullsheeit, yo. So...we finished. Yo, jes check out da album when it come out.
(Grappa D) Actually, ain't we on dat TV show? Yeah, we did this thing fo <STATION WITHHELD> called like "Makin tha Group" o somethin like dat.
(Cree'O) Yeah, we shouts out to dat. We also got our fall preview to KROO Wear comin' out, so look fo dat shit.
(MD) Yo, and look fo owah movie comin' thoo like...dis Christmas.
(T-Q) Yes, it has been a very busy year.
Uh-huh. T-Q, please wait for your turn.
(Cree'O) Dey you go again mouvin awf--yo T-Q, don' talk to him no mo'. Fact I'm pullin off mah mike nah, and leavin'.
(MD) True dat shit, ya'll frontin. Yo it a damn set up!
(Grappa D) Dayum right it's a set up.
(Cree'O) Damn worse than mines. Aight, we out yo. Peace.
(T-Q) Good day, mister Keans.
Thank you, Cree'O. And thank you to KROO, be sure to look for their album coming up. And their KROO Wear Catalog, coming this fall. We are also told about a few more appearances where they will talk about a new project they have been working on. And also their film debut. When we come back from break, we'll try and, heh, "keep it real" here on radio 1880, WMDS.

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