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*we hope you enjoy reading, and we apologize*

If you're American, we know you love politics. And WMDS 1880 Radio has been offering the best political talk radio debates. Our hit morning host Dean Keans will wake you up better than a cup of coffee; and, whether you're liberal or conservative, we offer a show that audiences and critics have been raving about. Crosstalk illustrates the real fire between bleeding heart liberals and arch conservatives, and hosts Brad Fulton (from the right) and Jay Isler (from the left) give enough gab to fill your political plate!
Below is a transcript of last week's edition of Crosstalk:
Brad: Hey, we're back. And we were talking about the liberal conspiracy to assassinate the president. Isn't it true, Jay, that the liberals have been plotting an assassination attempt on President George W. Bush now for the last few years?
Jay: Now, Brad, we're off the issue here. We had thirty-five seconds to talk about gun control.
Brad: Well I know the president is right about Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction, let's stick to the issue here Jay--
Jay: We're talking about a state in which guns can be carried and there's no penalty--who's to say what happened? Okay! Now, the governor race--
Brad: Listen Jay, I'm talking about a way to free Iraqies, and you dem-wits have no idea how to respond to the situation. Can you imagine if Al Gore was president? We'd all be dead!
Jay: You fascist connies don't understand that this is
Brad: Communist libbies have nothing to
Jay: Right winged pigeons spreading your
Brad: Jelly doughnut philosophies
Jay: And smote the sacred first amendment!
Brad: TIME! Okay. Now. Jay? I'd like to take a moment here and talk about the issue of gun control.
Jay: Okay, we'll talk about the governor race, and why conservatives use more toilet paper than liberals do, and it's costing tax payers more money than we can deal with. We'll also get to the so-called "weapons of mass destruction" later on in the show. Hey, did you notice that
Brad: I think we've ALL realized here what a bunch of bumbling idiots the libbies are by this gun control law, it's absolutely ridiculous and
Jay: TIME!
Brad: No, no, no I still had a few seconds left!
Jay: TIME!
Brad: Time?
Jay: Okay. Let's move on.
Brad: Before we do that, I'd like to say that any attempt to assassinate the president will not result in a win for the democrats. They can all talk Howard Dean all they want, we know they don't have anything. Howard Dean can have his cake, but if he thinks he can eat it too, well, that would be just like a liberal.
Jay: All right. Fascists beware. We're taking a commercial break and one of our ads is about saving energy and animals; something you fat cats know nothing about.
Brad: And tune in next week when we have a few guests of different races to tackle the DEAD issue of racism in America. I swear, the dems think they know everything. But conservatives know the truth. There's no room for affirmative action anymore. Racism is a non-issue, just like Jesse Jackson is a non-intellectual. Take that to the bank, lefties.
Jay: You nazis will never be through will you? I'll have Al Sharpton come over and kick you in your little behind. Make it a little red. It'll do you good.
Brad: <laughing> Well, Jay, not as red as your face will be when I lynch him!
Brad: Remember, folks, racism is a non-issue. I was not being racist there. Okay? Let's take a break.

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